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Diablo-like Server! Boss monsters, magical items, repetable quests(do anni every 2 days), buffers...














Link to this page:http://otserverworld.net/?id=server&n=17


Stay a while and listen!

A custom 9.82-83 server with Diablo 2 elements and elements from other games without casting delay (7.6 style)

ip: ot.titaniumworld.de
Port: 7171
create acc with this logn : 1/1
client: 9.83

Tutorial and ip changer/client:

Facebook fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/groups/171068113051459/


-Diablo Item System
-Diablo Monster System
-Diablo Townportal scrolls(Use it to crate portal, that leads to city, and get back to hunting spot after you are done)

-Newbiebuffer till lvl 61 at temple
-custom spells(more visible after 2th promo) + no casting delay (7.6 style)
-good/evil system
-Repetable Chest Quests (u can do quest over and over again) with random magical itms in them. For example you can do each 2 day Annihiltor

Treasuremap shows you, when you can do a quest again emoticon

-Random magic on attack (Soulpowers) collect them all emoticon
-unique quests (not just standart "chest open quests")
-130mb big map

NOTE: The information "onlook" is on description too long sometime, please use server info window ingame to see full description of bossmonster stats and weaponstats!!!

I started a new 30x server, its still not ready... its in alpha, but i will not reset any players when tis done... so its pleyable allredy!(some bugs, restrictions,missing things)

in past i made some OT'S like old Titanium World (since 7.4)
Im the creator of the original: Titanium world, UnreallegenD and Exodus servers.

And worked on many projects like this(Tiablo, Diablo2-like server): http://otland.net/f251/tiablo-project-diablo-2-like-server-82727/
But because of some reasons i have not finished Tiablo.

This server will have all features i made so far (aswell as some things wich was made from other users)!

Allready full or part-aviable features:
-Good/evil system (part): With /side yourname u can see if u are on good or evil side, kill players/monsters to change ur side and gain new features for ur character
-Diablo magic items with random stats(basic):
Any item that can be magical has its own selling price! make look to see its worth, u can sell it for that price at sale box
(Old screenshot but its similar for the selling:

Basic character Stats information:
Current aviable magical bonuses:
-extra attack speed
-extra defense(defense)
-extra block (Block)
-magic attack% (attack on skill use)
-extra attack
-faster walk%
-better chance to loot magical items
-more money from monsters
-shoot range(can make an sword an distance weapon, if an meele weapon gets the rare bonus)
-Absorb fire
-Absorb Ice
-Absorb earth
-Absorb energy
-Absorb Holy
-Absorb dark
-Absorb Physical
-Magic level ++
-Steal health on hit
-Steal mana on hit
and many more!

Weapon only:
-Enhanced attack
Shields only::
-Enhanced block
Armors & Shields only:
-Enhanced defense

ATTRIBUTES OF ALLL ITEMS COUNT! (if u have helmet with +10 attack it adds it to oyur weapon)

-Random Bossmosnters with diffirent stats and xp boosts:

Current aviable boss multiplicators:

-Level enchant crystals
All mosnters drop crystals to enchant your weapons(example with rod):

-SoulpowersemoticonYou can acctivate diffirent soulpowers, that does on critical hit magic on your oponent! THe new soulpowers can be aquired and switched)
So if u use for example sword u have 10% chance to activate Critical1 on hit!
Meele Weapon Crit1:

Range weapon/wand Crit 1(Yellov) and Crit2 (Blue)  And u can see newbie buffer on screen emoticon

(Do areamagic on hit or 3 hits at same time? paralyse ur oponent... or add elemental effect on your hit?)

-Epic spells

Important Commands:
/side name (see on wich side is the player)
/stats (see your item bonnuses)
!Townportal (teleports you back to your town if u are not in fight for 1 minute)
/powers (see your soulpowers)
/power name (switches powers)

Tir quality(higher Tir items has better stats) if u want get imba? get (Tir5 item)+(Magical)+(+20) emoticon

Many features more to come!!!


(Upload as serverowner your own images/animations as signature)

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