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Phiadaria - Rise of the Ancestors RPG-Server

Imagine a large world...

...haunted by demonic beeings
...consumed by corruption
...driven by destruction
...bringing out a young adventurer to fight all of this - you!

Welcome to the lands of Phiadaria!

Phiadaria provides a large map with lots of riddles, secrets and a large amount of quests to solve!
The entier game is based on a story, telling the path of your character until the time you fulfill your destiny!

Design your own character by using gained skillpoints for each level to increase your health, strength, skills and to learn powerful spells!
Locate the Clans around the world and gain their trust. Afterwards you will be able to join of them to become...

...a Fire Magician Ice Magician

...a Nature Magician

...a Death Magician

...a Mercenary Archer

Prepare yourself for combat by farming items, with random attributes:

Loot set items and increase the bonus values by wearing additional set parts or even an entire set:

Engage not only creatures but also Npc's! Learn how to steal things and how to sneak to higher your success.
Extinguish entire cities and rob all houses!

Npc Features:

Enjoy a beautiful atmosphere with sounds played and background music, prodiving an unique touch to areas:

Explore dark tombs with lots of undead creatures:


Eager to find out more? Join us right now on ( and become a part of the world!

The game is frequently updated and improved and also random events and raids occur from time to time, offering access to even more secret places!

Read the Getting Started ( category on the homepage to get into the game even faster!

We are looking forward to meet you there!

PhiadariaSoft Team


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