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Hello folks! Finally I'm glad to announce re-launch of my favorite server, Ascalon!
Server is online!
Ascalon is a custom RPG server with medium exp-rates. We use custom experience formulas which allow you to gain levels quickly but still require you to put some effort into leveling. Our map is fully custom and detailed. Many secrets await to be discovered by players of all levels.
This server was already online around one year ago and it was online for six months. However, it was later closed and abandoned for a couple of months. Now I'm fully back to it's development and I hope that this time it will stay online even longer. A lot of progress has been made since Ascalon's first release and I worked hard for the last few months to make it even better.

Main Info:

*Port: 7173 Custom client:
*Uptime: 99.9%
*Host: Dedicated server, 1gbit connection, 8gb RAM, Quad-core, 10 GBps/s DDOS protection.
*Exp rate: The experience table has been completely changed and you need much less total experience to advance to next levels, but overall it can be compared to a ~25x Tibia server. Exp-rate makes your first levels fast and easy to get, but with time its getting harder and harder. Thats makes you join the server much quicker, but high levels will still be hard to get.
*Map: Our map is custom made and pretty detailed. It contains huge, well-planed main city and lots of hunting grounds and quests around.
*Server type: It's really hard to put this server into one category, we tried to include something for every player. Server has enough PvP features to be a PvP server, but it also requires a lot of exploring as in RPG servers.
*You can take a look on minimap with most of basics spawns there:
*Servers library:

There are no AoLs(amulets of loss) ingame, normal players have chance to drop any item from their inventory upon death. However you can never drop your backpack as we noticed that dropping it causes a lot of frustration among players. Players are able to buy blessings which lower chances to drop an item. Red and Black skulled players lose one random item from their inventory, no matter what. Black skulled palyers receive additional damage from other players.

Monsters are fully custom and their difficulty had been changed. All monsters have their own level, based on monster type. There is also a chance for a stronger level monsters to spawn, which is stronger than normal monster of such type, but also has a better drop chance.

While rotworms still are something you kill right after joining the game, killing a giant hammerman(cyclop smith) may be a challenge even for quite experienced explorers. But do not worry! To get an edge against the tough monsters, you can use a vast amount of spells and all of them are custom aswell! This gives you an unique feeling while going on a hunt or trying to complete a quest. Right, quests! There are tons of them, spread all over the map.

Items on Ascalon are totally custom and unique. All items are divided onto groups, grades specifically. As your character advances, you will be able to obtain items with higher grade. The basic equipment stats are armor and resist. Armor protects you against physical damage, resist decreases damage done by magic. Upgraded items can have more benefits. Yes! You heard that right, upgraded items! Every item can be upgraded with special magic gems. Each upgrade adds additional stats to the item. Ability stones can be rarely looted from monsters, they are also obtainable through quests. When used on a piece of equipment, a Ability Stone has a chance to enchant your piece of equipment with a random attribute or incase item is already enchanted, increase its quality. It is however, possible for the Ability Stone to break. There are dozen of abilities every character can use.

This teaser contains only a small part of features we are going to offer you. You can learn more about the server in Both old, dedicated players and newcomers will find something suiting themselves! Even if it could be complicated for newcomers to get into the server, with all those customized stuff, we tried to make everything clean and user-friendly.
Enjoy your stay!


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