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Link to this page:http://otserverworld.net/?id=server&n=25



*Fight powerful monsters
*Team up to take on deadly bosses
*Customize your character to be unique
*12+ Custom and unique Vocations
*5+ Promotions
*100% Pure custom server (Excluding Sprites for now. but will change in the future)
*Updates 1-50x Daily
*And much more!

The goal of tibia kingdoms is to be a great RPG-ADVENTURE server for people to play and enjoy for a long time.
the server has a moderate exp rate but was created for player to enjoy the game for as long as they wished.
There is a large custom map to explore including Bosses, Secret Passages, Random daily quest chests, and Hidden areas.

As the Names implies the server was made to both support, In game based role play, and adventuring!
The server was created to be like (Legendary difficulty !) This server was created to be the most difficult. it was made for people who wish to have a challenge and not just mindlessly kill 1 hit monsters. This also makes people be more involved with one another, the farther you go int he game, the more difficult it becomes. eventually it will demand that you hunt with a party of other heros.

(Other notes:
*Tibia Kingdoms updates continuously to make sure balance is maintained and new content is released so people do not get bored .
*All players Have a voice in tibia kingdoms, you may Discuss Cool ideas in the forums, for we actually read your posts!
All good ideas that we read in our forums will be created into the server. However Before we add features like these, we have a Voting poll, if the majority of people Vote yes tot he idea it will be added, if not the idea will be passed for another time.

Go to www.tibiakingdoms.com And make your free account today.
Also keep in mind tibia kingdoms uses the New OT client, and it is mandatory that you use this client for fair play.
In game, the rules are stated every 15 minutes. please head these warnings and do not brake the rules. we crash down Hard on rule barkers.
But if you follow the rules you will have a great time!
Hope to see you ingame!

And thanks for reading everything!


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