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rnrn- Coldwinter is an 8.6 server, but revamped with older features to get the feeling and the fun of oldschool PVP. We have still kept some of the good features introduced in later versions.rnSome of the changed features are the following:rnrn No binding potions and runes to hotkeys.rn Old spells, with magic level requirements. (poison storm, undead legion, exura for knights and so on)rn Stacking potions and runes.rn No redskull/blackskull. Only whiteskull!rn Full Real Map. (Everything is scripted and handmade by us, except for the tracked map. This is no map/server that's just been snatched from the internet) rnrnrnrnSome additional features are:rnrn Boats in minor villages like Greenshore, Northport, Outlaw camp, Fibula and so on.rn Loads of new quests and questlines to keep tibia-veterans busy.rn Low experience rate. This is because tibia was not designed for level 500+ characters back in the days.rn Very few immersion-breaking features. Tibia was all about RPG in the old days, and we want to keep it that way.rn Training dummiesrn All houses are buyable.rn Mini world-changes and huge events (both custom and some familiar) almost every day. rnrnrnrnrn- Daily, "Nightmare" Server Saves:rnEvery day, at a 10:00PM CEST, the server will restart, so that the map is cleaned and every quest/daily spawn is reset. About 20 minutes before the server is restarted, it will save the state it's in. During the remaining time until the server is restarted, no further progress you do will be saved. During this period of time, PVP mode will be changed to PVP-Enforced, the sky will turn red and blood will rain. There will be full out war on the server. You will see raids, PVPing, events and such, and you can try all of it without being afraid of dying and loosing experience, skills or items.rnrnAfter the server has restarted everything will be back to normal, as if nothing had happened.


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