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Web: http://playfuria.sytes.net
IP: playfuria.sytes.net

Welcome to Furia OT-Server 8.60 with Real Map!

The Furia Staff welcomes you to this new server based on Real Tibia.
With a lot of unique featurs, you'll experience a unique gaming experience.

Server Info:
Stages (from 450x to 5x)
Skills: 30x
Magic Level: 12x
Loot Rate: 3x
PVP Frags for Skulls (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Frags for Red Skull: 12, 24, 50
Frags for Black Skull: 30, 60, 90
Death Loss Percent: 8%
Full Guild Wars System (In-game commands)
House commands for houses (Note: If a player doesn't connect in the server in one week, it loses it's house)
House SQM Price: 20000 (With this, we avoid low-level players buying all houses from the game)

This server has almost all important Raids (Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal, etc)
With free premium and promotion, there won't be Over Powered vocations/players so everyone can stand on the server.
A lot of Tibia RL Quests are added (Annihilator, Inquisition, Demon Oak, Pits of Inferno, Killing in the name of..., etc)
Scaling Potions: Potions will restore more health/mana (depending of your level). It scales with your level!
Scaling Wands/Rods: Wands and Rods will make more damage, depending of your Magic Level.
Critical Strike: Knights and Paladins can deal critical hits to monsters and players.
Full Addon Bonuses: Get your full outfits and receive some incredibly bonuses in skills, health/mana gain, speed, etc.
Bounty Hunter: Offer money for the head of somebody

The Improved Items Dropping is also added!
The Chances and Buffs to get Uncommon, Rare, Master, Excellent or Legendary are:

Uncommon Rare Master Excellent Legendary
5% 2% 0.5% 0.1% 0.01%

All monsters have chance to drop Uncommon, Rare, Master, Excellent or Legendary items. It can be any equipment or weapon. These items will receive unique stat bonuses and buffs.

Unique Events

We're creating unique events for you, so you can win unique prices and also, VIP tokens that you can exchange for in-game items or premium points.

Survival Castle

The Survival Castle is the first event added to the server. There will be four castles (from low levels to highest levels) where the only rule is Survive!
If you are the last player standing when the event ends, you'll receive a great reward, but we won't tell you what it's, you'll have to figure it by yourself.
Also, don't worry if you die there, you won't lose any exp or items and you won't be disconnected from the game because you'll be teleported to the Thais temple.

Upcoming Events:

Survivor City
Zombie Event
Guild Battle event

(The descriptions of these events are explained at Server Forum)

So, what are you waiting? Join us!


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