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Ip*~:*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 7.6/own client
~*Uptime*~: 24/7
~*Hosted in*~: Canada, on a dedicated server with 50 mbits Internet connection.
~*Exp rate*~: Stages

level 1-8 27x
level 8-40 30x
level 40-100 25x
level 100-175 15x
level 175-200 17x
level 200-300 18x
level 300-400 13x
level 400-450 10x
level 450-500 5x
level 500-700 2x

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~*Map*~: RL map with edited respawns!
~*Runes and potions*~: Unlimited.
~*Loot rate*~: 4x
~*Server type*~: Rpg-PVP Fun Server!
~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 55x Skill and 35x Magic.

More Features:
~*Poi Quest*~ Edited POI Dls 3 stages - be careful it gets crazy - 
~*Massive demon respawn*~ Edited demon hell and demons! - massive -
~*Yetis in folda for level (level 200 recommended or higher)
~*Custom Creatures*~
~*Balanced vocations*~
Hosted 24/7 updates daily!

Small soft boots and large soft boots - read website for details

January 1st to January 15th Recap!

Hunting Guide
Level 8-20 Rotworms Below Thais.
Level 20-60 Massive Edited Ankrahmun Dragon Lair.
Level 60-90 POI DLS (Edited 3x Bigger).
Level 90-120 Edited Edron Demons!
Level 120-150 Edited Demon Hell And Above DHQ!
Level 120-150 Darashia Mountian North Of Darashia!
Level 120-150 Hellfire Fighters And Orc Gods -Above DHQ-
Level 200+ Orc Gods Beside Hellfire Fighters!
Level 250+ Orshabaal Throne Room!
Level 250+ POI Quest Zone!

Hunting Zones Added:
Ankrahmun Dragons 3x bigger - Edited 
POI DLS 3x bigger - Edited 
POI Quest - 4 Throne Rooms Added
Darashia Demodras Mountian - Added
Edron Demons, And Edron Demon Hell 5x bigger - Edited
Orshabaal Hell Below Edron Demon Hell - Added
Orc Gods And Hellfire Fighters Respawn Added Above DHQ -Demon Hell-
Yetis In Folda - Enhanced Folda - Edited!

Spells Added:
Knights - Exori Gran - Exori Hur - Exori Mas - Exura Ico
Paladins - Exori Con - Exori San - Exevo Mas San
Spell Waste - Waste Mana 1000 - Waste Mana 2000 - Waste Mana 3000

Game Fixes:
Mana Fluids No Longer Spill!
Enhanced and Balanced Vocations!
Donations Added To The Website!
Blessings Road - Added Teleporter In Thais Temple!

New Npcs:
The Gambling Man - Soft Boots And Piggy Banks
Rashid - Buys All Decent Equiptment - Edited
Blue And Greeen Djinns - Below Thais Temple!
Ammyman - Sells Aols(25k), Swift Amulets(50k) Desolations Amulets(1kk)

Useful New Items:
Small Soft Boots(100 mins) - Regains 50 Mana And Health Per Second!
Large Soft Boots(1000 mins) - Regains 200 Mana And Health Per Second!
Swift Amulet (Speed +100)
Desolations Amulet (Speed+ 100 + 50 Regains)

level 1-8 27x
level 8-40 30x 
level 40-100 25x
level 100-175 15x
level 175-200 17x
level 200-300 18x
level 300-400 13x
level 400-450 10x
level 450-500 5x
level 500-700 2x



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